Most people do not like to think about death or any of the arrangements that will need to be made upon the loss of a loved one. They do not consider what type of decisions will need to be made nor the costs involved in a memorial service or burial. If you have found yourself in this bewildering situation and wonder what is involved in purchasing a memorial for your loved one and what steps you need to take to insure that you follow cemetery regulations, stay within the budget, and pay tribute to your loved one in the best way possible...we at Headstones USA are here to help. We realize that you are lost and confused and that most likely you have never had to shop for a monument before. That is completely normal. We realize that after the loss of a loved one this may be one of the last things you want to think about and that it is hard to focus on all of the aspects you need to consider. That is why at Headstones USA we strive to make the process as effortless as possible for you. We provide you with only the highest quality solid granite and all of our memorials are priced online to include your full consultation including a layout of your monument design that you will approve before we engrave, up to 40 characters of basic engraving (depending on the model you choose), and free shipping to a commercial address with unloading capabilities within the Continental United States. We will work with you through each step of the process to insure that we assist you in creating the perfect memorial to your loved one that fits within you specific cemetery's rules and regulations and fits within your budget.

This short article will not give you exact prices, it is designed to give you an outline of what you can expect and the factors that will help you determine what you can expect when you are ready to begin the process of selection. With Headstones USA the main things that will influence the price of the monument you select will be: * Type/Style * Size or Measurements * Number of Characters included in engraving and or epitaph * Whether or not you choose to add a custom design * Whether or not you choose to include accessories such as vases or ceramic photos

Headstones USA keeps a wide variety of types or styles of monuments in stock and the ability to special order any style or type of memorial you may want. There are four basic types of headstones. They are: Grass markers, Bevels, Slants, and Upright Monuments. In general, you can expect to pay the least for a grass markers and the most for an upright style with bevels and slants falling somewhere in between. Grass Markers are designed to lay flat (or flush) on the ground and come in various sizes and thickness. This type of monument is acceptable in most cemeteries and in fact, some cemeteries will only allow this type of memorial due to the ease with which they can be maintained. However, they still have specific regulations on what sizes and thickness are acceptable so make sure to check before you purchase. Be aware that some cemeteries and memorial parks will only allow bronze plates on basic granite markers. A bronze plaque is related to a grass marker because the thin bronze plaque is placed upon a solid granite marker foundation. Bronze is a material of choice because once it is cast it will show very little deterioration over time. The lettering is completed in relief in the bronze itself rather than being engraved into the surface as with granite. The next style are Bevels, which are similar to the grass marker in that they rest upon the ground however, with a bevel the back side of the marker is generally 2-3 inches thicker than the front which creates a sloped or bevel look. Slants also known as pillow style memorials are a step between marker and upright headstones. This style of tombstone is as the name implies slanted in the front or on top, but unlike a bevel is set upon a base. This type of tombstone also comes in an open book or pillow shape. The upright monument category most likely contains the most options of size and style. Upright monuments are memorials that rest upon a base and sit upright. This particular style comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is versatile enough that it can be used to mark the grave of an individual or an entire family. It can be engraved on the front as well as the back and often on the base as well. It can include such details as out-carved flowers or crosses, double processed epitaph boxes, flowers or other details, or even be cut itself into an unusual shape. Unique styles that we have available at Headstones USA include but are not limited to Angels, Angels with Hearts, Carved Lady, Crosses, Dolphins, Heart Shaped, Heart with Cross, Heart with Angel, Lighthouses, Killer Whales, Ovals, Owls, Teardrop Shaped, and even Trees. There is no limit to how creative we can help you become when it comes to designing the perfect tribute to your loved one. If there is something specific you would like to have but do not see on the website please contact us for a consultation and we will assist you in creating the perfect custom headstone. The variety of choices with this style of monument is essentially limitless and every style that is listed on our website whether it is in-stock or special order is priced so that you know what to expect.

Once you have decided upon which type or style of monument the next step is to check with your cemetery to determine whether or not they allow the style you have selected in your specific plot location or area of the cemetery in which your deceased loved one rests. Make sure to note any size, color, and or design restrictions they may have in addition to style or type regulations. Once you are aware of all the regulations and restrictions and you have selected a memorial that fits within them you are free to continue on to the design process. The overall design of the headstone you select can be as standard or as custom as you wish. You can include only the customary name and dates of birth and death or you can include intricate designs and a favorite poem, bible verse or detailed epitaph. You can expect to pay $2 for each additional character over the included number of engraved characters included in the price of the specific model of headstone you select.

At Headstones USA we have over 1500 engravable designs shown on our website that priced and range from traditional flowers, crosses, angels, and doves to organizational symbols such as the Masonic symbol or a Navy emblem and even landscape scenes of a football stadium or golf course for you to choose from and we have the capability to design a custom design. To view our stock designs click on the link provided: or to send us your original design ideas and receive a quote email us at . The design you chose will be sandblasted on to your memorial and will create a custom memorial for your loved one and you can expect design options on a headstone to range from $40 to $200 depending on the design you choose and how elaborate and detailed it is. For examples of our completed sandblasted or engraved designs click on each design to see if an example is provided in the inset or contact us and we will be happy to forward you example of monuments we have completed for other clients.

In addition to sandblasting as a way to add design to a tombstone if you choose a jet black or evergreen granite laser etching is an option that is open to you. Laser etching cannot be performed on any other color choices so if you have your heart set on another granite color laser etching is not an option open to you. Since laser etching is more of a custom process and requires specialized equipment is more expensive than traditional engraving by sandblasting, and prices for photographs start at around $300. However, the images are more clear and exact than sandblasting. For examples of our completed laser etched memorials contact us and we will be happy to send you a variety of laser-etched designs.

The next decision to make is whether or not you would like to include any accessories like a high quality solid granite vase or a ceramic photo. Headstones USA offers vases in a variety of colors and has something to match any tombstone or marker you select. To view our selection of cemetery vases as well as a price guide click on the provided link: To view our wide variety of shapes and sizes of ceramic photos as well as a price guide, click on the provided link:

Once you have selected and designed your monument and approved the layout or proof we will engrave and ship to you within two weeks (unless it is an out of stock or custom monument). The final step in the entire process is to determine whether or not your cemetery will accept shipment of the monument, lay the foundation, and set your chosen memorial for a fee. Each cemetery has its own policy on this so you will need to check with your specific cemetery, mausoleum, or memorial park. If your cemetery will not accept shipment and set your headstone for you, we can help you locate someone in your area that will do this for you. This is an important step and one that will need to be completed BEFORE the memorial is shipped so that we know where to ship it. This will be the final expense in the memorial process. Prices for the foundation and setting vary widely depending on the area in which you live. Sometimes the cemetery or stone-mason will charge a certain amount per square inch or square foot of the actual monument while others will charge a flat fee for grass markers and a different flat rate for uprights. If we can assist you in this process simply let your sales representative know and they will be happy to help you.

With Headstones USA there will be no surprises or hidden costs. All of our monuments, stock designs, and accessories are priced online so that you know what to expect. We will work with you through email to perfect your memorial and provide you with a detailed quote before you approve the design so that you can alter your choices and maintain your budget. We are here to help you make an informed decision and to make the entire process as effortless as possible so contact us today.


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