Cross Headstone Design 607--Cross with Grapevine and "In God's Care" Banner

Headstone Cross Design 607
Headstone Cross Design 607
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Product Description

This cemetery monument design features a cross surrounded by a symbolic grapevine which suggests bounty, fruitfulness, rebirth, new beginnings, and life sustaining goodness. The banner that is superimposed on the top of the design reads, "In God's Care" and reiterates the idea of the entire symbol, that under God's care we can expect good things, and to be sustained.


Engraved In God's Care Cross and Grapevine Cemetery Headstone Design 607 on Gray Granite
This intricately detailed cemetery headstone design features a basic cross surrounded by a swirling grapevine and topped with a banner that reads, "In God's Care" shown here sandblasted and then enhanced by the addition of a black lithichrome stone paint on our high quality solid gray granite
Cross Design 607
Cross Design 607
This religious design features a cross with ribbon and foliage. Across the ribbon the design reads "in God's care". This design is beautiful and detailed. This is a perfect design to pay tribute to the religiosity of a loved one.
Cross Design 607 newitem286659283
Cross Design 607
Cross Design 607
This cross design features a traditional open cross engulfed by a grape vine. The image also features a sash which reads, "In God's Care." The pictured cross design is engraved onto one of our G633 gray granite slant headstones.
Cross Design 607 newitem1336849795
Affordable Cross Design
Affordable Cross Design
Featured is a beautiful cross design on a gray marker. This is the perfect design to show your loved ones passion for the lord. This design has also been highlighted with black litho paint.
Affordable Cross Design newitem388102431
Monument Cross Design
Monument Cross Design
This religious cross design is the perfect addition to your loved one's memorial to express their religious faith. This memorial cross design was sandblasted onto a morning rose granite headstone and highlighted with black litho paint. Call for details at (314)807-6910
Monument Cross Design newitem460929361


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