Grey granite cemetery memorial slant

SP5 G633
SP5 G633
Item# sp5
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Product Description

This gravestone slant is shown in G633 grey granite.

This cemetery memorial slant measures :

Top: 24 x 10 x 16 inches

Base: 30 x 14 x 6 inches

The price of this slant gravestone includes 40 characters of sandblasted engraving. Additional sandblasted characters of engraving will be $2 each. Designs and/or photos are an additional cost and can be located in the Information Center.

It is free shipping to a commercial address that has unloading capabilities (your contact person must unload the pallet off of the freight truck). If unloading is an issue we can ship with a lift-gate ($50 fee). This will allow the driver to set the pallet on the ground. Your setter will still need to open the crate and install the memorial.

Free proof and quote available by emailing us at


Engraved Slant G633 Tombstone
This tombstone features a universal Roman font encircled by two striking cross floral designs in each upper corner. The epitaph features a standard phrase but we welcome any custom phrase and or designs you would like to include. See our information center for our selection of standard designs and epitaphs or contact us for prices quotes and individualized assistance.
Engraved Slant G633 Headstone
This beautiful gray solid granite headstone features Rock Cut sides and top with a polished front perfect for engraving just the right epitaph and design. This monument is shown with a sandblasted book outline with the name and dates in the center and the family name sandblasted at the top in an optima semi bold font. We pride ourselves in working with you to personalize each memorial to your specifications so contact us today for a free consultation.
Engraved Slant G633 Memorial
This gorgeous light gray solid granite memorial features a polished front and rough rock pitch sides to add unique detail to an impressive monument. This headstone features a bold epitaph in a Worcester Round T Reg font highlighted by black lithco stone paint surrounded by a striking outline with two elegant floral designs in the corners to add a touch of character. This is an excellent choice for an affordable but impressive tombstone.
Engraved Slant G633 Monument
This solid gray slant monument is versatile enough to be used for a single gravestone, a companion headstone, and even a family memorial as shown. The bold font with the addition of the black lithichrome stone paint really make the Family name stand out and there is plenty of room for more than one epitaph. The addition of a ceramic photo, a solid granite vase, or even a simple sandblasted design are available to enhance this monument. See our information page for the many ways we have of customizing your cemetery marker.
Headstones Designing should commemorate and be a tribute to individual's life whose grave they are meant to mark. A design is usually picked to reflect a personality or interest of the person it is for. There are many elements of a headstone design that have symbolic meaning. Cemetery headstones are an important part of any family's grieving process Headstones serves to help families cope with their losses.

Headstone designs are generally reflective of the individual's whose grave they are meant to mark. If the person was a nature lover there are designs that carry an outdoor motif such as evergreens or a mountain scene to set a breathtaking background. Also in this vein of headstone designs are numerous floral patterns derived from such popular flowers as roses, dogwoods, lilies and tulips floral headstone designs are very popular in today's culture. Each flower has a symbolic meaning and for this reason the are chosen to grace the design of a loved one's memorial. If religion played a big part in the person's life, there are numerous religious themed headstone designs available. If a religion is not represented among the headstone designs available, then any design can be accented through the use of religious emblems or symbols. Upon settling on a headstone design, comes the task of personalizing the headstone. Typically the person's name and life dates are engraved or cast on the cemetery headstone depending on the material. Emblems and symbols are usually can be either cast on a bronze cemetery headstone or sandblasted on a granite headstone. Emblems come in the widest array of subjects such as animals, flowers, religious icons, military credentials, sports, music and all sorts of vehicles to name but a few. Their purpose is to further accent the memorial of the person it is for. With the need to personalize a headstone, more and more individuals are choosing headstone designs that incorporate a ceramic picture. Ceramic pictures or portraits are the result of a proprietary process that enables the likeness of a loved one to be emblazoned on a ceramic or porcelain oval tile. They are available in both color and black & white versions and many shapes such as rectangular, circular, and heart shapes. Another option is that the headstone can be drawn out on a computer screen that will give a printout of the finished article. It allows seeing what the stone will look like and make any necessary changes. The advances in technology mean that one can have their own personal design put onto a cemetery headstone and it can be any shape.

Cemetery Headstone designs are simple if known how and Decided upon a theme. If appropriate, add a symbol(s) related to the theme. Add personal information like the name and date. Keep in mind headstone space limitations. If the situation is right add a ceramic picture. Consider using a beautiful epitaph that represents the life of loved one in a concise form. The overall design coupled with a fitting epitaph or verse will make for a truly unique memorial that will serve as an everlasting tribute to the loved one. Headstones, of course, need to be designed to last the ages, and the solid construction of headstones assures just that.
Engraved SP5 Slant Cemetery  Monument
This beautiful and unique engraved slant style cemetery monument features our Open Bible with Roses Epitaph Box Design 1133 with a double processed center (optional service that incurs additional charges), the surname across the top and the traditional name and dates inside the epitaph box to create an overall classic and feminine look. The characters as well as the design are all sandblasted and then highlighted by the addition of a black lithichrome stone paint (also available in white).
Engraved SP5 G633 Gray Slant Funeral Memorial Monument
This engraved slant style funeral memorial is shown here in use as a companion monument and features the traditional two name and dates along with a pair of our soaring bird design 185 all sandblasted and then enhanced by the addition of a black lithichrome stone paint (also available in white.
Engraved SP5 Slant Companion Cemetery Headstone
This engraved Slant style companion cemetery headstone is shown with the traditional names and dates stacked with the additional epitaph of "Beloved Wife, Mother, and Grandmother" all sandblasted and highlighted by the addition of a black lithichrome stone paint (also available in white).
Engraved SP5 Slant Cemetery Marker in G633
This unique engraved slant style cemetery marker features a double frame style outline border, a custom designed dragon fly motif in each upper corner and the beautiful ivy epitaph box design 2121 to contain the birth and death dates. Ivy is traditionally used to symbolize love, commitment, and fidelity so this is a great tribute to pay to your lost loved one. All of the engraving is sandblasted and then highlighted by a black lithichrome stone paint (also available in white.
Engraved SP5 Gray Granite Slant
This charming memorial shown here completed on our high quality solid gray granite slant features our open bible epitaph box with dogwood flowers headstone design 416 as well as the traditional name and dates all sandblasted and then enhanced by the addition of a black lithichrome stone paint.
Engraved SP5 G633 Gray Granite Memorial
This unique engraved Memorial in G633 Gray Granite with a combination our Heart Shaped Epitaph Box Headstone Design 1673, "In Loving Memory Epitaph, Basic Cross Design D-25, and Banner Style Epitaph Box Headstone Design 1641 with "Loving Wife and Mother" showcases the level of customization possible with our over 3000 designs and 1000 font styles. All of the designs and characters were sandblasted and then enhanced by the addition of a black lithichrome stone paint. (The inside of the heart shaped epitaph box was double processed which is an optional service available upon request that incurs additional charges).
Slanted Cemetery Monument
This slanted cemetery monument was made affordable by
Slanted Cemetery Tombstone
This is a finished slanted cemetery tombstone made affordable by
Slanted Cemetery Gravestone
This magnificent slanted cemetery gravestone was completed by and made affordable for you.
Engraved Gray Headstone
Engraved Gray Headstone
Featured is an engraved gray slant model SP5. This slant is elegantly polished on both the font an back. Here, the slant features a portrait picture of the deceased. The epitaph includes a passage from the 23 Psalm. This marker is also customized by placement of a flying angel design next to the portrait.
Engraved Gray Headstone newitem286737870
Gray Granite Slant Marker
Gray Granite Slant Marker
The pictured marker is our SP5 slant model in solid gray granite. This marker has been engraved with a traditional epitaph, but upon request has not been painted. Email us today to customize your memorial however you see fit at
Gray Granite Slant Marker newitem339959331
Engraved Granite Slant Memorial
Engraved Granite Slant Memorial
This is one of our completed SP5 slant memorial models in solid gray granite. The pictured gravestone is engraved with a traditional name and dates epitaph and on of our many cross designs.Email to customize your gravestone.
Engraved Granite Slant Memorial newitem340218659
SP5 Gray Granite Slant Marker
SP5 Gray Granite Slant Marker
Pictured is a completed SP5 slant marker in solid gray granite. As seen here, this memorial model can be highly personalized with our unique designs and borders. This slant marker was additionally customized with a ceramic photo of the deceased.
SP5 Gray Granite Slant Marker newitem346441696
Gray Slant Memorial
Gray Slant Memorial
Pictured is a completed SP5 slant style headstone in solid gray granite. This monument has been engraved with a couple of our unique designs including an epitaph book border and one of our unique floral designs.
Gray Slant Memorial newitem1346518951
Affordable Granite Slant Gravestone
Affordable Granite Slant Gravestone
This high quality granite slant memorial features basic engraving that was sandblasted and filled with black litho paint. This gravestone slant can be customized by emailing us for a free proof and quote at
Affordable Granite Slant Gravestone newitem372362783
Inexpensive Gravestone Slant
Inexpensive Gravestone Slant
This high quality slant gravestone features sandblasted engraving with music notes and a ceramic photo. You can design a grave memorial for your loved one by emailing us for a free proof and quote at
Inexpensive Gravestone Slant newitem374263694
Quality Granite Grave Slant
Quality Granite Grave Slant
This affordable slant tombstone features sandblasted engraving with several designs and a ceramic photo. This grave slant can be custom designs by emailing us for a free proof and quote. Call for details at 314-807-6910
Quality Granite Grave Slant newitem374263870
Economical Grave Slant
Economical Grave Slant
This cemetery grave slant was used for a companion memorial and includes an entwined heart and cross design. Select from our many designs located in the Information Center to customize a tombstone for your loved one.
Economical Grave Slant newitem397249641
Solid Granite Slant Memorial
Solid Granite Slant Memorial
This cemetery grave slant feature sandblasted engraving and a ceramic photo. All designs and photos are located in the Information Center. Email us for a free proof and quote at
Solid Granite Slant Memorial newitem398971546
Durable Granite Slant Gravestone
Durable Granite Slant Gravestone
This affordable granite tombstone slant features lettering that was sandblasted and highlighted with a black litho paint. Customize a grave memorial for your loved one by emailing us for a free proof and quote today!
Durable Granite Slant Gravestone newitem408308234
Slant Style Grave Stone
Slant Style Grave Stone
This gravestone slant features companion engraving with the last name at the top and a cross design between the two name and dates. Email us for a free proof and quote at
Slant Style Grave Stone newitem424300772


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