Upright Cemetery Monument

U1 G654 Cemetery Monument
U1 G654 Cemetery Monument
Item# U1_G654

Product Description

This cemetery monument is pictured in G654 "cloud grey" granite.

Top measures 42x30x8 Base measures 60x14x8 2 Vases measure 6x6x10

Includes free shipping to your cemetery and up to 40 characters of engraving. Additional letters or numbers only $2.00 / each.


Engraved U1 G654 Upright
This stunning Family Memorial features a large Surname at the top of the stone and 4 individual epitaphs at the bottom. The characters are done in the alternate gothic no 3 d font and are both unique and perfect for memorializing each family member with phrases such as "Our Heart", "Our Hero", "Our Humor", and "Our Hope" this remarkable stone celebrates the life of an entire family. The praying hand sandblasted designs shows the families devotion and is one of our many standard designs. To view our selection of standard designs click on the link. We always welcome original designs so contact us for a price quote or with any questions.
Engraved U-1 Upright Surname Family Plot Marker
This engraved U-1 model upright cemetery marker is shown here in use as a Family Plot Marker with the Surname sandblasted and then enhanced by the addition of a white lithichrome stone paint. This versatile model can be used for an individual memorial, a companion monument, or even a family marker and with our over 1000 font styles and 2000 different design options you are sure to find the perfect way to pay tribute to your loved ones.
Engraved U1 G654 Dark Gray Granite Upright Companion Monument
This custom companion monument features our ribbon style epitaph box headstone design 1653 with a custom epitaph that reads, "Always Loving, Always Loved", the surname in large bold characters, the two individual name and dates with our headstone design D-63 rings and ribbons which features a pair of wedding bands and a ribbon with room for a wedding date followed by the names of the children all of which is sandblasted and then enhanced by the addition of a white lithichrome stone paint.
Engraved U1 G654 Dark Gray Companion Monument (Back)
This versatile monument is large enough to be used as a companion memorial (as shown), a family memorial, and even for an individual headstone. With a polished front and back there is plenty of room for customization. Sandblasted on to the back of this monument is the surname in large bold characters followed by a custom epitaph that reads, "A Heart of Gold Stopped Beating, Two Willing Hands at Rest, God Broke Our Hearts to Prove to Us He Only Takes the Best" all of which were sandblasted on to our high quality solid G654 Dark Gray granite and then enhanced by the addition of a white lithichrome stone paint.
Engraved Companion Style U-1 G654 Dark Gray Granite Upright Monument
This striking monument features a two traditional symbols of Judaism, the Star of David headstone design 685 as well as a Menorah cemetery headstone design D-10 show here in engraved in each upper corner followed by the surname in large bold chnaracters, an individual name and dates with room for one more name and dates and finally the epitaph, "In Loving Memory" shown here sandblasted and then enhanced by the addition of a white lithichrome stone paint.
Engraved U1 Companion Upright Memorial in G654 Dark Gray Granite
This beautiful companion monument is designed for use with two name and dates and features a custom epitaph in Spanish as well as our intricately detailed Sacred Heart of Jesus headstone design 1470 shown here sandblasted into the G654 Dark Gray Granite and then enhanced by the addition of a white lithichrome stone paint.
Engraved G654 Dark Gray Granite Companion Memorial Headstone Front View
This captivating companion tribute features
Engraved U1 G654 Dark Gray Granite Upright Companion Monument
This impressive companion tribute features the surname as well as name and dates in a "V-cut" style engraving without the addition of a lithichrome stone paint as well as the intricately designed Irish Cross with the clovers, IHS and other minute details that make this entire tribute breathtaking. For more information on how to customize a tribute to your loved one contact us today for a free consultation.
Engraved Gray Granite Headstone
Engraved Gray Granite Headstone
This is one of our many upright companion grave markers. The pictured headstone is solid gray granite. It can be engraved with several of our designs and font styles. To customize your grave maker email us today at chris@headstonesusa.com and we'll send you a free proof and quote.
Engraved Gray Granite Headstone newitem337201915
Upright Gray Granite Tombstone
Upright Gray Granite Tombstone
This is a completed upright marker in solid gray granite. This tombstone has been personalized with two of our unique religious engravings, and a custom epitaph. Email us today to customize your marker at chris@headstonesusa.com
Upright Gray Granite Tombstone newitem340225177
Engraved Upright Granite Marker
Engraved Upright Granite Marker
This is one of our completed U1 upright markers in solid gray granite. As seen here, this memorial has ample room to customize it with your choice of our unique designs, or personal epitaphs. Email chris@headstonesusa.com to customize your marker and get a free proof and quote.
Engraved Upright Granite Marker newitem340225991


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